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goodly bitter gorgeous difficult harsh uninviting dark alluring winsome restful expansive accessible dour handsome liquid witty grim graceful inclement delicious beguiling musical offensive good-humoured touchy charming satisfying unsavoury ill-natured mournful monstrous companionable upbeat irksome delectable mild dulcet unwelcome grisly angry harmonious grievous friendly rough beautiful ugly invidious comical comic jocose horrible stunning readable beaming bright bad-tempered affable intriguing accursed debonair wicked polite salubrious cantankerous hilarious tasteful leisurely hellish jokey agreeable exquisite acid lovely enthralling repugnant cutting attractive tart hearty peaceable kindred homelike sweet balmy merry angelic easy farcical mellifluous sullen bluff awkward priceless cute amusing disagreeable homy revolting pleasing nice welcome fine refreshing delightful enjoyable pleasurable lekker awful miserable distasteful horrid repulsive engaging cheerful cheery amiable genial congenial rude cold unfriendly impolite grateful kindly civil obliging benign gracious benevolent courteous cordial sociable urbane approachable good-natured enticing well-favoured catty beastly neighbourly appealing surly caustic caring glamorous abominable unacceptable scrumptious rugged picturesque eye-catching fair hateful palatable vexatious winning cushy absorbing terrible obnoxious gruelling joyful wintry cross humorous sunny outgoing jocular ravishing serene shocking blessed pellucid insufferable good-looking fascinating becoming tuneful cheerless dim informal comely irritating temperate churlish snug comradely at ease luscious irresistible hail-fellow-well-met accommodating annoying

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