Slang for "ordinary"

More "ordinary" Slang Words:

indifferent considerable acceptable outstanding second-rate uninspired quaint fantastic select distinctive plush normal atypical uncommon undistinguished accepted banal historic exotic high-class humdrum stupendous concealed corny third-rate stale stock common matchless usual uninteresting standard established settled regular household typical conventional routine everyday accustomed customary habitual wonted commonplace plain modest humble stereotyped pedestrian vanilla prosaic run-of-the-mill homespun workaday average middling fair mediocre so-so tolerable passable unexceptional no great shakes novel rare inspired unique unusual impressive extraordinary distinguished superior exceptional notable out of the ordinary expected general set traditional fixed boring tired dull tedious dreary tiresome monotonous threadbare trite unimaginative uneventful hackneyed vapid repetitious wearisome platitudinous daily frequent eccentric compelling strange monstrous low queer vivid quotidian eventful sensational jejune stunning up to the mark second-class time-honoured original moderate peerless natural anomalous orthodox inert monumental singular memorable fanciful crazy smashing sublime curious imaginative fresh inexpensive unaccustomed conspicuous hack wonderful satisfactory unpretentious dazzling bourgeois eminent dramatic approved swell unwritten offbeat up to par soulless vulgar decent homely middle-of-the-road spectacular noteworthy abnormal fancy unflattering superlative simple colossal mumsy colloquial par for the course

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