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value reward assist campaign plus strong point hone benefit further aid back support second promote relieve abet succour fight bar block oppose frustrate discourage foil hinder obstruct impede hobble improve ease heal remedy facilitate alleviate mitigate ameliorate aggravate hurt injure harm irritate resist avoid control prevent withstand eschew abstain from forbear assistance service advice promotion guidance cooperation opposition obstruction hindrance discouragement corrective balm assistant hand helper sanction sustain uphold condone incite decline stop refuse cease shun renounce forgo kick opinion direction suggestion instruction counsel recommendation injunction admonition facility prefer profit briefing merit champion help yourself to something patronize foster accessory maid confederate buttress befriend exalt grounding queer cooperate countenance consolation amenity better blight hamper use be of service to someone encouragement waiter following head start cushion advantage disadvantage brace spite feed abettor favour lend a hand salve worker employee helpfulness stand by someone upgrade auxiliary godsend bolster dividend inspiration ministrations finance beauty underwrite refuge ally reinforce hold something up conduce fruit boost carry sense accomplice fund usefulness luck blessing push something forward fuel privilege domestic thwart avail hardship prompt elevate slow edification goodness Fruits advance balk forward enjoyment join in umbrella obstacle office cripple subsidize check urge hint solace account collaborate fall in with something play ball comfort convenience beneficence smooth servant expedite oblige strength bother sympathize with drawback calamity plump for something or someone see someone through do your bit emolument

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