Slang for "friendly"

More "friendly" Slang Words:

bitter homespun sharp undemonstrative winsome expansive accessible helpful brotherly propitious inimical good-humoured rigorous small unfavourable hostile ill-natured sympathetic festive belligerent ill-disposed cooperative companionable angry conciliatory harmonious amiable kindly neighbourly attached pally fond outgoing affectionate receptive benevolent attentive sociable genial affable good close chummy peaceable pleasant intimate informal benign cordial congenial convivial cold distant sinister contentious unfriendly antagonistic inauspicious uncongenial beneficial favourable auspicious civil mild obliging gracious courteous urbane approachable good-natured loving caring devoted tender doting warm-hearted timely happy promising encouraging bright lucky hopeful fortunate prosperous rosy opportune felicitous ugly baleful malevolent icy amorous compatible debonair polite warlike hilarious agreeable reconcilable lovely compliant hearty aggressive kindred homelike uncharitable sweet domesticated easy unapproachable bluff adoring inhospitable beneficent disagreeable homy withdrawn inner malign aloof stern unsociable winning decent pleasing domestic nice extrovert homely malicious pleasurable bosom impersonal confidential approbatory black inseparable wild kind-hearted cold-blooded snug comradely effusive at ease hail-fellow-well-met accommodating bloodless antisocial smooth prepossessing morose stand-offish pacific non-violent gentle relaxed gregarious personable communicative in tune with something chilly motherly bland cosy suave gala unanimous tenderhearted cool huffy like-minded immediate demonstrative demotic

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