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expansive emancipate sovereign apprehend relieve untie manumit celibate dinkum separate unpaid save convenient imprison unsolicited tangle pardon plain-spoken confiscate entwine navigable isolate condemn discrete hold dislodge acquit single enfranchise unguarded seize complimentary lavish available generous engaged natural frank forthright loosen self-governing innocent repress democratic for free for nothing for love on the house gratuitous gratis unrestricted unimpeded open able loose unattached at liberty at large bound restricted dependent confined restrained captive independent unfettered unrestrained uncommitted leisure idle unoccupied extra empty spare vacant unused uninhabited willing liberal eager charitable hospitable prodigal bountiful open-handed unstinting unsparing munificent big mean close tight stingy autonomous relaxed easy forward casual informal spontaneous laid-back easy-going lax uninhibited unbidden official formal stiff constrained unnatural freely easily deliver disengage release rescue rid exempt undo extricate unburden liberate discharge unleash limit restrict confine restrain inhibit incarcerate disentangle detach unfold unravel disconnect untangle free and easy fugitive on the loose kind princely beneficent sporty on the shelf heart-to-heart dissociate inhibited binding entangle commit vindicate homelike sanctify stilted bind unbind turn something out ingenuous straightforward catch purchasable earthy usable naive on the run libertarian improvised let someone loose extemporaneous permissive privileged homely unreserved tie disengaged unemployed emancipated idly free of or from pinch surplus unflattering negotiable disunite capture impromptu wild truthful above board let someone off send someone packing let someone go effusive hail-fellow-well-met open-minded

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