Slang for "awkward"

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edgy deft amateur fractious biddable graceful clumsy inept unwieldy liverish self-conscious incompetent laboured inapt inimical pig-headed cramped indecipherable unmanageable mistimed unreadable illegible boorish improper convenient adept strange crabbed cumbersome handy uncooperative ungraceful inarticulate uneasy sticky ponderous bulky intractable submissive facile cantankerous graceless disconcerting unrefined maladroit stroppy obstructive crotchety ham-fisted incorrigible inopportune lumpish self-willed ill at ease unrealistic embarrassing sensitive painful distressing delicate tricky trying humiliating unpleasant troublesome perplexing inconvenient thorny untimely ticklish comfortable pleasant unhandy easy stiff rude coarse bungling lumbering unskilled bumbling ungainly gauche gawky uncouth artless inelegant uncoordinated unpolished clownish oafish inexpert all thumbs unskilful skilful dexterous annoying unpredictable unreasonable stubborn perverse prickly exasperating irritable touchy obstinate bloody-minded vexatious disobliging nervous risky dangerous hazardous perilous chancy irritating boring provoking aggravating galling maddening irksome bothersome crude primitive hulking disagreeable rangy out of place strained elegant wooden fussy halting contrived disobedient jam-packed gangling hefty ill-timed fraught confined slouching crabby distracting leaden premature waspish fretful dainty shambling mulish unsettling fastidious undecipherable cross-grained off-putting delaying nimble rustic headstrong pettish impractical clever disquieting rebellious untoward unregenerate inappropriate recalcitrant

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